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Here you will find a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), along with our Help section on the adjoining tab. If you can't find what you're looking for in the FAQs, please see our Help Forum for further information.

  1. What is Petentials?
    - Petentials is the Internet for pets! We're on a mission to become the premiere online community for pets and pet enthusiasts--a place to socialize, express yourself, build community, and maybe even find romance! Members can post profiles, pictures, audio, videos and participate in blogs and forums. Petentials also offers a variety of animal-themed resources and entertainment.
  2. How does it work?
    - Petentials welcomes all species with an easy-to-use sign up process that can be as basic or as detailed as you want it to be. Petentials is a user-driven site that welcomes comments and content from its members. The site is split into four sectors: Dating and Connecting, the Park, the Marketplace, and the Info-Net.
  3. How much does it cost? Is it free to join?
    - Petentials is FREE to a good home. If you like it so much that you just have to throw money at something, we'd be happy for you to toss it in the direction of an animal-focused nonprofit (or...our sponsors and/or advertisers)!
  4. Do I have to be a pet or pet guardian to join?
    - Nope! We define "pets" broadly. We're open to animals and animal enthusiasts of all varieties. If you or your pet is an ant, a rock, a rhino, or even a ceramic mastodon, there's room in our inn.
  5. Why should I join?
    - Petentials offers its members a fun and unique way to creatively express themselves and their love for all things animal! It's a great way to learn, share, connect, and create. Beyond that, it's an opportunity to join and help shape a growing community of clever, fun-loving folks n' critters.
  6. Why does my human guardian have to be 18 years or older to join?
    - Because many of the animals featured on our site are pictured in the "au natural." Need we say more? (Ok, we will.) We're concerned about our users' security and privacy, and we want to do all we can to insure comfort and peace of mind when interacting with other users.
  7. I'm a guardian. Are you really advocating that my mastiff hook up with someone's chinchilla?
    - Face-to-face? Not without some combination of leashes, cages, and muzzles. We advocate online interaction amongst all our members, regardless of species, but if you come to a point where your pet actually decides he/she/it wants to meet a petential (no, we didn't spell that wrong) prospect face-to-face, please exercise extreme caution in doing so.
  8. What if I'm a human whose pet is no longer living?
    - We would be honored to have you continue your pet's legacy on Petentials. When filling out a profile, you would just select the "This is a Legacy Profile" option on the "age" question, and we'll place a special icon on your pet's profile designating it as a Legacy Profile.
  9. Do I need to post a photo when I create a profile?
    - While photos are not required, posting a photo is probably the best way to get attract others to your profile. Unless you want to be mysterious or have yet to master creating/attaching photos (check out how to do this in our FAQ's/Help sections), we highly recommend adding photos to your profile.
  10. How do I find other members on the site?
    - Sniff around using our Quick Search or Advanced Search features, where you can search by species/breed, tastes, region, or a host of other criteria.
  11. What is MyPetentials?
    - MyPetentials is your Petentials homepage and the best page to bookmark for quick return visits. MyPetentials features snapshots of the fresh content for each of the site's sectors as well as an easy place to check all of your pets' communication stats and updates at once. It's also a central place to make changes to your account, tweak your profiles, and see which of your friends are online.
  12. Is my email address/personal information ever shared with anyone? How is my privacy protected?
    - We will not share or sell any personal information and will fight like the dickens to protect your privacy. We hate invasiveness as much as you do, and we'll treat your information as respectfully as we'd want you to treat ours. Check out our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for more details.
  13. How can I help Petentials?
    - By becoming a registered member, creating profiles, contributing content, and spreading the word! Most of the content you see on Petentials is member-driven. Plus, we welcome your input, so feel free to send us your comments, suggestions, feedback, and/or affirmations. Rest assured, our customer relations team will read and contemplate every single one of your emails--provided we don't have to translate them from barks, meows, squawks, oinks, and such.
  14. How can I advertise on Petentials?
    - To inquire about site sponsorship and/or advertising opportunities, click here Advertise.
  15. How do I contact Petentials?
    - The easiest way is to Contact Us or by sending an email. Not that we don't trust em, but we recommend pigeons, ponies, greyhounds, and snails only as options of last resort.

If you still have questions or were unable to find the answer you're looking for, don't hesitate to Contact Us.