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Cat → American Shorthair

Clermont, FL
Last Login: 7 years agoMember Since: April, 2008
"Orange In All The Right Places"
Age: 13[human years]
Gender: Male
Looking For: a pen pal, a clue--is this for real?
Available For: Messaging, Friends
Living With: Family
My Claim to Fame: Procrastination... I have not filled in my claim to fame yet.
Nicknames: Love Kitten, Schemer, Beav
Astrological Sign: Pisces: Feb. 19 - March 20
Got Papers? I'm bred for... personality and intelligence.
Spayed/Neutered: Yeah. So?
I'm Looking for Someone... Surprise me!
I Prefer a Connection... I have no idea. Surprise me!
Weight: 10-24 lbs
Body Size: A Few Extra Pounds
Appearance: Sleek
Coloring: Orange
Markings: Tabby
Afflictions and Maladies: Overweight, throws up often

My Favorite...
Tricks: played fetch when I was a little youngster, spatting at straws
Treats: Nutro Max cat treats, Fancy Feast in can, and tuna juice
Foods: Nutro Senior Indoor,yogurt, tuna, popsicles, Dorito dust
Toys: Myron my toy mousie, catnip bag
Words: "Beavis", "Ohhhh, Sweetheart"
Noises: The sound of my mother's voice
Sights: Birds, lizards, squirrels
Websites: Animal Planet; Petentials
My Dislikes: Vacuum cleaner, strangers (especially men)

For Friends, I Prefer: No Preference
I Drink: Bottled/Filtered Water
I Eat: Whenever I Can
Size Preference: No Preference
Grooming: I groom myself, ... on my terms
Religious or Ideological Preference: Methodist
Loner or a Joiner? It depends on my mood
Fight or Flight? Run Away!
When Walked, I Prefer to Be: What's Walked?
I Sleep: With My Human Amigo(s)
Bathroom Habits: Indoors, and I know just the place
Intimacy: I like to be cuddled
Eat Poop? Heck, no!
We Can't All Be Perfect! Litter Tracking
Turn Offs: I'm pretty much open to any feline hotties!!
Turn Ons: I really like submissive females; I like to be in charge!!!
About My Family: I was a stray in Tennessee that was rescued. I live in central Florida with my mommy, my daddy and 2 human brothers and sisters. I have 1 gorgeous striped tabby sister and a frilly Ragdoll brother. I love them all!!
I First Met My Human Guardian(s)...: I was a stray in the mountains of Tennessee until my mommy's grandpa rescued me and brought me to sunny Florida. I was their "second born" feline.
My Guardian's Favorite Story About Me: There are so many because I'm so cute. Let's see....I absolutely love yogurt. So my mommy will do a test to see if she can secretly open a yogurt and get a spoon as quietly as possible without me hearing anything. I have actually come out from under the bed from a deep cat snooze just to find her and beg for the tasty treat.
Strong Suits: I am very athletic, I have a tricked-out purr (it has to be the loudest motor in the whole city). I'm very smart and cute.
The Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: I've fallen in the pool and come in wet and soggy.
Hobbies/Pastimes/Activites Sleeping, napping, playing on my terms, watching birds and lizards.
My Ideal First Date Would Be: It's been a while, so lay it on me!!!
The Perfect Day For Me: Greeting my mother when her alarm goes off, running to the food bowl, eating, going on the pool patio and watching birds until time for my nap, then getting petted and kissed all day until bedtime.
Relationship History: No relationship history.....I've been neutered for 13years!!
Other Thoughts: I am the bomb-diggity of cats and anyone would be happy to have me as their furr-riend!