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Detroit, MI
Last Login: 7 years agoMember Since: April, 2008
"Single " older " gal seeks gentle playmate"
Age: 12[human years]
Gender: Female
Looking For: a play pal
Available For: Friends
Living With: It's Complicated
My Claim to Fame: Procrastination... I have not filled in my claim to fame yet.
Nicknames: Bababee's aka Diamond
Spayed/Neutered: Nope.
I'm Looking for Someone... Surprise me!
I Prefer a Connection... Only of the Same Species
Weight: 5-9 lbs
Body Size: Height/Weight Proportionate
Appearance: Sleek
Afflictions and Maladies: Sinus

My Favorite...

For Friends, I Prefer: Animals in my breed
I Drink: Bowl Water
I Eat: Normally
Grooming: I like to be brushed
I Sleep: With My Human Amigo(s)
Bathroom Habits: Indoors, and I know just the place
Intimacy: I run hot and cold
Eat Poop? Heck, no!
We Can't All Be Perfect! Eye Boogers
Turn Offs: missing nap times
Turn Ons: Belly rubs