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Kitty Mariti

Cat → Mixed Breed

Hollywood, CA
Last Login: 7 years agoMember Since: April, 2008
"I Love Shelbie!"
Age: 6[human years]
Gender: Female
Looking For: a play pal
Available For: Messaging, Friends
Living With: Family
My Claim to Fame: I like to lay around and play with the big and little dog.
Nicknames: Katty Marraty
Astrological Sign: Scorpio: Oct. 23 - Nov. 21
Got Papers? Don't ask; Don't tell.
Spayed/Neutered: Yeah. So?
Weight: 5-9 lbs
Body Size: Small
Appearance: Sleek
Coloring: Blonde, Brown, White
Markings: All That and More

My Favorite...
Tricks: none
Treats: cat treats?
Foods: Cat Chow
Toys: mouse
Words: meom

For Friends, I Prefer: No Preference
I Drink: Bowl Water
I Eat: Whenever I Can
Size Preference: Middle of the Road
Grooming: I groom myself, ... on my terms
Religious or Ideological Preference: Baptist
Loner or a Joiner? It depends on my mood
When Walked, I Prefer to Be: Off a Leash
I Sleep: All the Time
Bathroom Habits: It's complicated
Intimacy: If you touch me, you're doing it at your own risk
Eat Poop? Heck, no!
We Can't All Be Perfect! Vomiting
About My Family: i met my family when i was sleeping on there back porch
My Guardian's Favorite Story About Me: The first time they feed me