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Dog → Shetland Sheepdog

Winston Salem, NC
Last Login: 7 years agoMember Since: April, 2008
"Beautiful Thumper and Human Mom"
Age: 1[human year]
Gender: Male
Looking For: a purely functional union
Available For: Breeding
Living With: Female - Single and Satisfied
My Claim to Fame: I am a beautiful Sheltie that is looking to breed with another beautiful Sheltie. I live in Wiston-Salem, NC with my human mom, my Sheltie twin brother Boomer, my chocolate lab sister Mocha, my Yorkie brother Mr. Giggles and my Cock-a-Pooh brother Rugby. I also have a Persian brother PC (Pound Cat) and Calico sister Calie). We have a lot of different personilities in this house!
Nicknames: Thump-Thump
Astrological Sign: Leo: July 23 - Aug. 22
Got Papers? Certified Purebred and Proud
Spayed/Neutered: Nope.
I'm Looking for Someone... In My State
I Prefer a Connection... Only of the Same Species and Breed
Weight: 25-49 lbs
Body Size: Height/Weight Proportionate
Appearance: Shaggy
Coloring: It's Complicated
Markings: All That and More

My Favorite...
Tricks: Jump
Treats: Rawhide Bones
Foods: Indoor Complete
Toys: Balls
Words: Boo Boo
Noises: Human Moms Voice
Sights: My human Mom
My Dislikes: Neighbors walking thier dogs

For Friends, I Prefer: People to other animals
I Drink: Bowl Water
I Eat: Animal Food
Size Preference: Middle of the Road
Grooming: I like to be brushed
Religious or Ideological Preference: None
Loner or a Joiner? Joiner - The more the merrier!
Fight or Flight? Bring It On!
When Walked, I Prefer to Be: On a Leash
I Sleep: In My Bed/Pen/Cage/Tank/Stable/Barn/Hideaway
Bathroom Habits: Housetraining is a work-in-progress
Intimacy: I like to be cuddled
Eat Poop? I kicked the habit
We Can't All Be Perfect! Escaping Cage/Etc
Turn Offs: Puppy Farms
Turn Ons: A Sheltie that is home raised, friendly, beautiful and AKC Registered
About My Family: I live in a subdivision in Winston-Salem, NC with my human mom. My yard is fenced in so I can play outside when the weather is nice. My mom plays with me and my siblings daily and takes us for walks through the neighborhood where everyone oohs and aahs over us. They take a double look when she walks Boomer and I together. There are no children in our home but we are friendly when we meet them on the street (except for Rugby). Mr. Giggles, Rugby, Boomer and I play together but Mocha plays with mom because she doesn't play well with her own kind.
I First Met My Human Guardian(s)...: My mom found me thru my dad. My mom works on the highway and she was working in Rural Hall, NC and my dad was in the back yard barking at her. She went over to meet him. After a couple of days she was still thinking about him so she went back to the house and spoke with the humans that lived there. They told her my mom was expecting and gave her the number of my human grandmother. My mom showed up the next day and visited my mom once a week until I was born. Once I was born she chose my brother to take home with her. She went home that night and decided my brother need me so she come back the next day with another check for me. After that she visited us twice a week and went to vet visits with us until we went home with her on September 8, 2007.
My Guardian's Favorite Story About Me: How I ended up living with her.
Strong Suits: Beautiful, good natured, playful, strong,
The Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: Let the Cock-a-poo hump me while the Yorkie humped him!
Hobbies/Pastimes/Activites Wrestling
My Ideal First Date Would Be: Another Sheltie from a good home who is freindly, well kept and beautiful.
The Perfect Day For Me: When the sun is shining and I can play outside.
Relationship History: This will be my first time!
Other Thoughts: Not interested in breeding with any puppy farm females. SORRY!