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Antioch, IL
Last Login: 7 years agoMember Since: April, 2008
"Playful female rat terrier seeking stud muffin"
Age: 2[human years]
Gender: Female
Looking For: a play pal, a no-strings romance
Available For: Friends, Breeding
Living With: Couple
My Claim to Fame: I am a loving beautiful rat terrier who is looking for a rugged male companion to have little ones with. I am also looking for someone to play with, cause I love to play! I love long walks in the park, pupperonis, and being close to humans. So feel free to write me if you are interested (=
Nicknames: Doggie, Puppy, Little one, Little monkey
Astrological Sign: Aquarius: Jan. 20 - Feb. 18
Got Papers? Certified Purebred and Proud
Spayed/Neutered: Nope.
I'm Looking for Someone... Surprise me!
I Prefer a Connection... I have no idea. Surprise me!
Weight: 10-24 lbs
Body Size: Small
Appearance: Sleek
Tattoos: none
Coloring: Black, White
Markings: Splotches
Afflictions and Maladies: none

My Favorite...
Tricks: sit, up, get in your cage! lol!
Treats: pupperonis, beggin strips
Foods: Steak, chicken, burgers, italian beef, chili cheese fries, etc.
Toys: Bobo from Pet Smart (=
Words: "You wanna go outside?", "Pupperoni?"
Noises: Squeaky toys and crinkling food wrappers!
Sights: Park, backyard, food
Websites: This one!
My Dislikes: Baths, when my humans leave me)=

For Friends, I Prefer: People to other animals
I Drink: Bottled/Filtered Water
I Eat: Whenever I Can
Size Preference: Smaller Animals
Grooming: Bathing is Fundamental
Religious or Ideological Preference: None
Loner or a Joiner? Either one - I'm flexible
Fight or Flight? Bring It On!
When Walked, I Prefer to Be: Off a Leash
I Sleep: With My Human Amigo(s)
Bathroom Habits: Not When Being Watched
Intimacy: I like to be cuddled
Eat Poop? Heck, no!
We Can't All Be Perfect! Humping
Turn Offs: Fat slobs, ew!
Turn Ons: Bruting male rat terrier's!
About My Family: I live with my humans, Amanda and Steve, 21 and 24 respectively. I have an orange domestic short haired cat roommate named Milo, he's 1. Last but not least, two hamsters named Nugget and Munchkin.
I First Met My Human Guardian(s)...: I was nine weeks old in Petland (a pet store) and I was sitting in a lonely cage when they came up and wanted to see me. I played with them for a few minutes and knew that I wanted to be with them forever. So I put on my cute puppy charm and made them take me home!!!
My Guardian's Favorite Story About Me: They video taped me when they weren't around to see what I would do. They caught me stealing food from the table and drinking out of their glasses. I'm so ashamed.
Strong Suits: I am very smart and outgoing.
The Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: I challenged a huge dog! German Shepard to be exact, and he ran away, tail between the legs. Ha!
Hobbies/Pastimes/Activites Sneaking under the covers. An instant classic!
My Ideal First Date Would Be: a rendezvous at the park and ...
The Perfect Day For Me: Waking up, having a good snack! Playing with my humans all day, then having a big steak all to myself!!!
Relationship History: None, the men I've met were too old.