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Dog → Yorkshire Terrier

Lutz, Fl
Last Login: 6 years agoMember Since: April, 2008
"The Kissing Pooch"
Age: 21[human years]
Gender: Male
Looking For: a play pal, a no-strings romance, a purely functional union, a clue--is this for real?
Available For: Messaging, Friends, Dating, Adoption
Living With: Female - Single and Searching
My Claim to Fame: Laid back, Mommy's little baby.
Nicknames: TeePee
Astrological Sign: Pisces: Feb. 19 - March 20
Got Papers? Certified Purebred and Proud
Spayed/Neutered: Yeah. So?
I'm Looking for Someone... Surprise me!
I Prefer a Connection... I have no idea. Surprise me!
Weight: 10-24 lbs
Body Size: Height/Weight Proportionate
Appearance: Sleek
Coloring: Blonde, Brown, Black
Markings: None That I Know Of

My Favorite...
Treats: All
Foods: Merrick Grammy Pot Pie
Toys: Squeeky Toys
Words: Tino!, come to Mommy.
Sights: Whatever, wherever
My Dislikes: Don't tease me to go outside, lets go now.

For Friends, I Prefer: People to other animals
I Drink: Bottled/Filtered Water
I Eat: Normally
Size Preference: Smaller Animals
Grooming: Well-Coifed
Clothing: I’ve been know to dress up
Religious or Ideological Preference: Spiritual
Loner or a Joiner? It depends on my mood
Fight or Flight? Sit Back and Watch
When Walked, I Prefer to Be: On a Leash
I Sleep: With My Animal Amigo(s)
Bathroom Habits: Not When Being Watched
Intimacy: Let's keep it a mystery
Eat Poop? I kicked the habit
We Can't All Be Perfect! Butt Sniffing
Turn Offs: Not much of anything, but if I grunt, you will know.
Turn Ons: Someone constantly kissing and hugging me. Love to be love.
About My Family: I Love my mother. She takes care of me really well.My dad is always working and to busy to play with me. My brother likes to get mean sometimes, but he makes sure no one ever hurts me.
I First Met My Human Guardian(s)...: I came from a family in PA. I have other brother and sisters that I will never see.
My Guardian's Favorite Story About Me: Mommy picked me out and just knew I was going to be good and quiet.
The Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: Jumped over the highest gate they have put up in this house.
Hobbies/Pastimes/Activites I like when they throw my toy around and I run to get it.
My Ideal First Date Would Be: Meeting someone I could get along with and going to the park, to hang.
The Perfect Day For Me: Taking my walk around the lake where I live now.
Relationship History: Quiet little sucker.