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Patches (1990-2013)

Cat → American Shorthair

Alcoa, TN
Last Login: 2 years agoMember Since: May, 2008
"Maxine takes after me."
Age: 155[human years]
Gender: Female
Looking For: a pen pal, a play pal
Available For: Messaging, Friends
My Claim to Fame: I used to be able to jump shoulder height in pursuit of crumpled up pieces of paper, and I lived to the ripe old age of 23.
Nicknames: Miss Patch, Princess, Patchama Kitty, Grumbly Britches
Weight: 5-9 lbs
Appearance: It's Complicated
Coloring: White
Markings: Spots
Afflictions and Maladies: A touch of arthritis, and looks like my kidneys are starting to fail. Not altogether surprising at my age.

My Favorite...
Tricks: used to jump really high and bat pieces of paper back to mom
Treats: shrimp
Foods: tunafish
Toys: crumpled up pieces of paper, catnip mouse, string, something with a little rattling noise in it
Words: here kitty, kitty, kitty
Noises: the can opener
Sights: the can opener
My Dislikes: Hyper dogs, flea medicine, riding in the car and the vets.

For Friends, I Prefer: People to other animals
I Drink: Bowl Water
I Eat: Normally
Size Preference: No Preference
Grooming: I groom myself, ... on my terms
Loner or a Joiner? It depends on my mood
I Sleep: With My Human Amigo(s)
Intimacy: I run hot and cold
About My Family: One cat and four dogs are my siblings.
I First Met My Human Guardian(s)...: Many years ago ... I was a stray that adopted them.
Strong Suits: Power napping.
Hobbies/Pastimes/Activites Still like to play with a good toy or string every now and then. Also like to bask in the sun.
My Ideal First Date Would Be: A little tuna fish and a long nap.
The Perfect Day For Me: A little tuna fish and a long nap.
Other Thoughts: Patches went to the rainbow bridge on 16-July-2013