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Mammal → Squirrel

Orlando, FL
Last Login: 7 years agoMember Since: July, 2008
"Meet me in the Petentials forum! The link is at the top left. :)"
Age: 4[human years]
Gender: Female
Looking For: a play pal
Available For: Friends
Living With: Stray/Flying Solo
My Claim to Fame: My mom rescued me as a baby after a hurricane blew me out of my nest. Since then I've grown into a strong, healthy squirrel and I spend most of my time in the trees. Still, I always check in with mom to grab a peanut or two!
Nicknames: Crit
Body Size: Nothin but Tail
Appearance: Sleek
Coloring: Brown, White, Red, Gray, Silver

My Favorite...
Tricks: anything for attention!
Treats: peanuts!
Sights: the beautiful trees

I Eat: Whenever I Can
Grooming: I groom myself, ... on my terms
Clothing: I want no part of it
Fight or Flight? Run Away!
Intimacy: I run hot and cold