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Animal Rescue Radio Show

Animal Rescue Radio Show


Hi pets! My friend Rainbow just told me about a great radio show called Animal Rescue - Where to go, what to do, how to help! It gives us fascinating insight into the lives of our human pals working on behalf of animals.

It's hosted by animal advocates Barbara Niven (also a TV actress!) and Phyllis Botti. The show interviews animal rescuers and covers topics such as pet first aid and how to start your own rescue. You can read the full description from the website below.

Please check it out here:

A list of achieved shows can be found here:

Animal Rescue - Where to go, what to do, how to help!

If animals are your passion, find out how you can help rescue and save them. Hosts Barbara Niven and Phyllis Botti interview people who are on the front lines for animals: rescue organizations, animal advocates, behavior specialists and people like you who are making a difference in their own little corner of the world.

Find out how to rescue and rehab stray dogs, feral cats, horses, wildlife, exotics and farm animals...and even how to start and run your own rescue or sanctuary. Learn how to do emergency medical care, rescue breathing and CPR on your pet, and how to prepare for a disaster. Get tips on holistic care, animal behavior, spaying and neutering and micro-chipping. Hear about current legislation to protect animals so you can help stop animal abuse, and find out where to adopt so you can help stop puppy mills.

Animals can't speak, so we must be their voice! Link up with other animal lovers to find out how you can volunteer and help. Together we are making a difference, one animal at a time...