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Orlando, FL
Last Login: 6 years agoMember Since: November, 2006
"Do it my way or watch your butt."
Age: 7[human years]
Gender: Female
Looking For: a committed relationship
Available For: Friends
Living With: Couple
My Claim to Fame: I'm much too modest to say...
Astrological Sign: Leo: July 23 - Aug. 22
Spayed/Neutered: Yeah. So?
I'm Looking for Someone... In My Town
I Prefer a Connection... Only of the Same Species
Weight: 10-24 lbs
Body Size: Small Head, Big Body
Appearance: It's Complicated
Tattoos: Eww...gross.
Markings: Splotches
Afflictions and Maladies: I'm purrfect.

My Favorite...
Foods: I wouldn't know...all I get fed is rock hard cat food.
Toys: Power cords. I chew on power cords.
Noises: The call of the great outdoors...
Sights: Glimpses of the great outdoors whenever the "tall ones" in my home open the door.
My Dislikes: Loud Noises and "Mortecai, do you want a bath?" (shiver)

For Friends, I Prefer: No Preference
I Drink: Bottled/Filtered Water
I Eat: Animal Food
Size Preference: Middle of the Road
Grooming: I groom myself, ... on my terms
Religious or Ideological Preference: None
Fight or Flight? Sit Back and Watch
When Walked, I Prefer to Be: What's Walked?
I Sleep: All the Time
Bathroom Habits: Not When Being Watched
Eat Poop? Heck, no!
We Can't All Be Perfect! Eye Boogers
Turn Offs: Being yelled at for laying on a pile of clean clothes.
Turn Ons: Laying on a pile of clean clothes.