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Kitty's chewing fettish


My LilGirl, a female cat,has this desire to chew if not eat plastic,tape, and just adhesives I think. Her favorite toy is a knotted up peice of plastic that she loves to bat around and fetch, but when she's done playong with it she will try to take it to hide it so she can retrieve it and chew on it. Then I notice them and decide this can not be good for her so I want to know if anyone has any advice on what I can do to stop her constant hunt for plastic she has aquired.


Ooo, good suggestions,

Ooo, good suggestions, Gunner!


Not all animals care about

Not all animals care about flavors. I used something similar for our dogs and it had no they like pretty much all foods. :)
If that doesn't work try this: 1. Put all plastics and adhesives out of Kitty's reach and 2. Get Kitty some catnip and put it on/in a regular toy. Hopefully the catnip will get Kitty more interested in regular toys and leave the plastic alone. :)

Gunner and Tira


I've also heard of boiling

I've also heard of boiling chili peppers in water and then taking the water and spraying it on things you don't want chewed. Just don't forget to let the water cool before you put it into the bottle!;p


Hi LilGirl! Welcome to the

Hi LilGirl! Welcome to the forum! There is a product called Grannick's Bitter Apple Spray which may be of help. As the name suggests, the spray's awful taste prevents chewing. Several friends have told me that it works really well, and the company makes a formula for cats. Maybe if you spray that on the plastic 'toys' she finds, she'll learn to leave them alone. Best of luck to you. :)