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North Wilkesboro, NC
Last Login: 4 years agoMember Since: July, 2011
"Schnauzer + Poodle = One well educated canine companion."
Age: 2[human years]
Gender: Male
Looking For: a pen pal, a play pal
Available For: Messaging, Friends, Dating
Living With: Family
My Claim to Fame: I was born in a puppy mill. Horrific, I know. Shortly after birth, I was taken from my mother and shoved into a small cage that was hardly big enough for me. I don't know what happen to my siblings. I don't know where he came from, but a local yorkie breeder saved me from the mill. He brought me home and put me in a bigger cage. At least I had room to turn around this time. Every day I watched puppies play and romp around outside of my small "world," in hopes to one day get to play too. I watched puppies be born, and then get adopted. I, too, wanted a family. Then it happened! A lady, who seemed nice enough at the time, picked me! She picked me over the cute yorkie puppies. I was so happy! At least, until I got "home." I had dreamed of the day that I had a family. Getting to romp around a house, freely, uncaged, playing with my family, making smiles... wrong. Again, I was put into a crate. My 'master' only let me out to use the bathroom. She would put this rope on me- I think she was trying to kill me- and would get angry that I didn't like the rope. After I did my business, she put me back in the cage. Sigh. Then, she found out she was moving. She couldn't take me with her. Needless to say, I was afraid. Many people came by to 'look' at me. None would have me. Until one day, a young woman 'found' me. I say found, because we had an instant connection. I couldn't walk on a leash, I didn't know what housetraining was, nothing. I was no better than a mutt, but she loved me. She brought me home with her. I expected another cage, but no! She sat me in her house, and let me roam. I was so happy. She even took me outside without a rope. I admit, I was so happy I started running. I don't think she liked that too well. I eventually came back in, though. She never locked me up, even when I had accidents in the house. That was almost a year ago. I'm proud to say I still have my owner. I have a name now- Douglas. I've helped my owner through a lot of tough times. I was here for her when her father passed away, was here for her 'graduation', and now I'm here for her 'college journey,' whatever those are. She loves me, even though I still misbehave sometimes. She's taught me how to behave, though, and taught me 'obedience.' She says I'm the smartest dog she's ever had. I can heel, sit, down, stay, come, leave it, jump up, shake hands, beg, walk on a leash, and off one. I love my home, and my people. I also love playing with my owner's friends' dogs.
Nicknames: Dougie, Dudley, Dog, Mutt
Astrological Sign: Leo: July 23 - Aug. 22
Got Papers? Don't ask; Don't tell.
Spayed/Neutered: Yeah. So?
I'm Looking for Someone... Surprise me!
I Prefer a Connection... I have no idea. Surprise me!
Weight: 10-24 lbs
Body Size: Fit and Trim
Appearance: It's Complicated
Tattoos: What's a tattoo? Ink? No thanks.
Coloring: Black
Markings: None That I Know Of
Afflictions and Maladies: I don't like small spaces. (:

My Favorite...
Tricks: Beg. Definitely beg. I always get treats afterwards.
Treats: Peanut butter, carrots, veggie slices, and pieces of meat.
Foods: I love all foods, especially salad!
Toys: "Skins" - All the goodness of a stuffed animal, without all that weird tasting stuffin'.
Words: Outside, Ride, Car, Friends
Noises: Keys jingling, music, t.v.
My Dislikes: Small spaces

For Friends, I Prefer: No Preference
I Drink: Bottled/Filtered Water
I Eat: Normally
Size Preference: No Preference
Grooming: Bathing is Fundamental
Clothing: I could be persuaded under the right circumstances
Religious or Ideological Preference: Other
Loner or a Joiner? Joiner - The more the merrier!
Fight or Flight? Sit Back and Watch
When Walked, I Prefer to Be: Off a Leash
I Sleep: With My Human Amigo(s)
Bathroom Habits: Let me out!
Intimacy: I like to be cuddled
Eat Poop? I kicked the habit
We Can't All Be Perfect! Dirt
About My Family: There is, of course, my best friend, Kristen. She lives with her mother and sister. I have a step-sister named Sammi, which Kristen isn't too fond of. Sammi says she doesn't like Kristen or her sister, only their mom. I have 3 kitty- companions that live outside, too.
I First Met My Human Guardian(s)...: She lost her long term companion, and was seeking to find a new companion to love and cherish. When she saw me, she couldn't leave me.
My Guardian's Favorite Story About Me: Training. She loves telling people how smart I am.
Strong Suits: Preforming. I love showing off.
The Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: I rolled in the remains of a squished toad once. Kristen didn't like that.
Hobbies/Pastimes/Activites Chewing. Playing fetch. Running.