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March 2012


We have one lucky pup with a birthday this month ...

3 - Tink's Birthday

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Well, February flew by just as quickly as January. Woosh! Hehe. If you get a chance to sit back and do some online shopping for your lucky pup, check out the cute overalls at Sassy's Pet Paradise. I think they look pretty cute.

And now for the chatting. To get things started, two questions for you...

1. Where do you think the best place is to look for a leprechaun?
2. If you caught one, and he gave you his pot of gold, what is something you would treat yourself to?


Mom FINALLY got the April

Mom FINALLY got the April blog up. You can find it here. Comemere, we'll respond over there in just a minute.






wow i cant believe its april

wow i cant believe its april already and boy it sure is going by fast and guess what momma got me a easter rabbit outfit for v.a. iam going to be the easter bunny what ever that is


Oh dear. Behind again.

Oh dear. Behind again. This last week has been busy for Mom, but nothing much fun for us. Grandma and Pawpaw have been working on clearing out Great Grandma's house. So they have been moving furniture into our house. They all say all the pieces are HEAVY!! I wouldn't know. They kept shutting us up in rooms - something about us not being in the way. Plus the doors being open. Heck, if the door was open I would have been out and running around - no where near in their way. Hehe. I have had a good time smelling all the new pieces which are all sitting in the living room right now. Good thing I am small and can easily weave around everything. Mom and the others - not so much. I try to show her the easiest pathway through, but she doesn't pay attention.

Looks like this next month may be busy, too. And again, not with anything fun for us. Mom and Grandma may try to see how many dog quilts they can get done this month. Mom has an opportunity to share a booth with someone in early May at the Critter Fest. A local yearly fund raiser for the Animal Shelter and Human Society. There will be lots of people and lots of dogs. So Mom says it would be a good opportunity. She's trying to get some more information. I told her if she does this she still has to make sure we at least get some computer time!

Denali, tee hee hee on the squirt bottle. Dutchess turns off her hearing when she is barking. I'm sure of it. I haven't totally learned to do that yet. Mom laughs at Dutchess when she gives Mom this sideways look, barks, and turns her head away.

I know we are late putting April up, and I'm afraid it may still be a day or two. Sorry about that. The month just snuck up on us. Hehe.


denali,well i weight 7 pound

denali,well i weight 7 pound iam a tiny as mom likes to call me.i dont like it cause i have a big attitude and think iam a big doggy.


Me, me, me, I get to talk

Me, me, me, I get to talk this time.

Pippi, you tell Miss Dutchess I know exactly how she feels. I practically got drenched. Usually I get it in the behind but apparently when I get to carrying on about something I don't really feel the water or don't care. Once I stop barking then I have to shake it all off. I guess mom's not getting it, she squirted me right in the middle of the head, geeez. I know it's only water buuutttt, it didn't work anyway. There were people walking down "MY" street, past "MY" yard, how dare they. I was telling them they need to get my permission first and mom was undermining me by actually talking to them....while she was squirting me BTW, hmmppff.

We have Thunder shirts too. I have been wearing mine, not my idea, at night so I don't wake up and pace all over the room. I guess it's been working, I'm only waking up early now and not several time a night. OK, Pip stop giving mom ideas. I bet she's going to put it on me when I go out now just to see if I won't bark.

Sounds like you guys have been busy. I think a six mile walk would have helped with my barking too, mom would have been passed out and wouldn't have cared, teehee. I hope the little ones had a fun walk though.

Comemere, we have the Thunder shirts at Sassy's. Mom will check the sizes and let you know. Pretty sure there is an extra small but we will check. How much do you weight again?

We had a bunch of deer playing in our back yard again the other day. About 12 of them, they were there for quite a while. Mom walked out on the back deck and I barked when she opened the door and they left, hmmmm, why??? Oh, yea, she was a little mad at me AGAIN!!! I think I'm going to have my own pity party, poor Denali. Mom really does love me, I know she does, she gives me lots of kisses when she's not mad at me.

Hey, Pip, maybe you should make your own dog park, you can charge a dollar or so and get enough money to pay for the fence to keep them all in and you could even put the pool out in the summer for them to splash in.


pippi,we will check into the

pippi,we will check into the thunder shirt and see if they will come in different size and everything.

oh pippi,that fish was so cool and i so wanted to get in and swim with it,but i did feel alittle bit scared of it with it you got to see the bones of a fish i havent seen one of those.oh wow that is so cool having one somewhat close to you when you were in the canoe.iam trying to get grandpa to buy one so we could get in it and see it alot better in the water than on shore.


Our turn to be behind.

Our turn to be behind. Hehe. Sassy, the girl playing with the egg in the park I think does some therapy dog work. While we were at the park there were two ladies that had the best time watching her. They got such a kick out of her playful grrs when someone would pick the egg up to throw it again.

Dutchess is lucky Mom let her back in the car after everything she rolled in. Hehe. Makes my romping through mud puddles seem like nothing. Gotta love that.

Mom says Dutchess is quite a stinker when it comes to barking. As you know we've been trying a squirt bottle. Well, Dutchess' latest thing is to give Mom a side glance, bark, then turn her head away in case Mom's aim is bad. Hehe. Mom aims for the tail, but well, let's just say it could use some work. Dutchess also puts her nub of a tail down before Mom can get a shot off. Hehe.

Comemere, the thunder shirt made a big difference for Dutchess. Hmm. Wonder if it would help with the barking at everything out the window.

Woa! That sounds like one big fish Comemere. That must have been neat to see. I got to see some fish bones on the side of the lake one time, but can't say I have seen any other fish. While canoeing last year I heard a plop in the water and could see ripples, but didn't see the fish.

Our weather cooled back down just a little and we were glad. It felt like we were going straight into summer here. We figure it is going to jump back up, but we're at least glad it dropped a little for a few days. Dutchess, Mom and I met another lady and her dog, Kringle yesterday to walk in the park close to our house. We decided to do part of the greenway trail as well, and the other lady kept saying "let's see what is around the next bend in the trail". Well before you know it, our round trip walk turned into a little over six miles long. I was getting hot and tired by the end of it. Mom brought plenty of water for us, but the sun on my brown fur heats me up quickly. Oh, and Sassy, Mom says a six mile walk helps some with the barking. We were too tired to care about noises outside. BOL! Mom also says she should get a wagon and we could pull her on these walks because her feet were really hurting when we got back. Hehe.

Today Pixie and Cheeky got to go on a walk. This time it was at a place that has a dog park. They met two other ladies, who each brought one dog. The others didn't go to the dog park, they just walked. Mom and the chi's barely checked out the dog park. There was not much shade since we were there in the middle of the day, and Pixie just wanted to bark at some dogs on the big dog side. Mom and Pixie and Cheeky were all hot and tired from their walk, too. We all wish there was a dog park closer to our house. Heck one in our county would be nice.


hello sassy oh thank you so

hello sassy

oh thank you so much,its sure weird him getting them all of a sudden and i so hope it will stay away.oh thank you yeah it was so hard when mommas compture crashed we are going to see how we can tranfers our stuff like my notebook where i started my writting of my book.moms typing is getting better on this laptop.

oh i had alot of fun yesterday and seeing the fish for the very first time was so cool and grandpa told me and momma the fish was a cat fish and that they do come up and do tricks during breeding we see a cat fish we will take a photo and maybei can get in the photo too.

Sassy Little Bit

Comemere we have your daddy

Comemere we have your daddy in our thoughts and say a prayer for him every night. So sorry your mom had computer problems, it's fun to get new stuff but not when you're not prepared for it. Glad she got everything going though.

How cool was that, you sure had a busy day all those stores and a big fish too. How exciting.

We haven't been doing much of anything lately. Hopefully with the warmer weather and longer days we can get back doing some things again.

Hope everybody is having fun.


well i had adventure today

well i had adventure today we went to get a new printer for moms laptop our desktop crashed friday and mom had to get the laptop up and ready friday and then today mom tried setting her old printer to the new laptop but it would let us so we went to office max for our new printer and then we went shopping at pet supplies plus and then went to walmart and on the way back we went to our bridge that goes over the river and gues what we saw a huge fish bigger than me?yikes is all i could say.i thought fish wasnt as big as me till i saw him splashed back in the water it was so cool to see it splashing the water as it went back under.


pippi,thank you we are so

pippi,thank you we are so glad that the storms are gone.i so worried that it would have hit here,momma says she know what to do if one came this way.grandpa has taught her on what to do.oh i havent heard of that shirt but iam going to have momma check into and get them for my brothers.we dont like to see them scared like that.

sassy,thank you so much momma checks on him daily and make sure he is doing better and so far we havent seen another but we arent sure what is causing and aww iam sorry to hear he too had the sezuires too and the loss of him as i never knew doggy just so hard to see him going through this and not being able to help him other than talk to momma moo button is aslo scare cause he is her one and only and we are afraid if daddy goes my momma will go next.i sure dont want that cause love them
alot.i will give daddy that huggy

Sassy Little Bit

Oh boy, we are way behind.

Oh boy, we are way behind. Not sure we can catch up. I am much better, I think almost back to normal. Thanks for all your POP I'm pretty sure that's what did it.

Comemere, we are so sorry about Beau. Our brother Harley went through those seizures and he got a little Alzheimers from it. They are so scary to watch and you can't do anything to fix it. Mom just held him and talked to him and petted him till they stopped. He was on medicine for a while and then was able to get off that. He didn't have any more but was a little disoriented after that. He finally went to rainbow bridge in November. We sure hope Beau gets all better and will be around for a long time more. Please give him big hugs for us.

Pippi, glad all the vet visits went well. Sweetpea, sorry that hiding trick didn't work, we were really hoping to hear it did so we could try it. Cheeky and Angelina, we are sooooooo sorry about the "thing" you had done. Yuck, kisses to you. Yea, Cheeky, glad you did good too with your check up too.

Darn Comemere, those silly fences always seem to be in the way. We have seen lots of squirrels but never really paid any attention to them.

Pippi, love, love , love the video. You were having so much fun. And that little guy playing with the Egge, that was soooooooo cute and he/she sure had lots of energy. We have a big one like that, mom wishes Denali would play like that but she just wants to hang out by mom all the time.

Dutchess, you are so lucky, I think my mom would have a fit if I rolled in all that mud, 'course I have a little more hair to deal with too, but it sure did sound like you had a ball. You have the bestest mom too.

Oh my goodness, let me tell you, Miss Pippi if you ever find a way to stop that barking stuff you gotta tell us 'cause mom is threatening to get Denali's and Goliath's barkers turned to their inside voice all the time. One of them bars if someone hiccups and then, like you said, we all have to bark. And, yep, we have no idea why but we just gotta do it. Gee, we have one of those squirt bottles too. I don't get it much but Denali and Goliath, ummm, welllll, we keep a towel handy for them. One of these days one of our moms is going to find out a trick that works and all will be right with the world.

Oh, By the way, Pip, if our moms weren't a little cuckoo we might not all be where we are, we're so lucky, even if they are a little goofy.

Love you guys, Kisses, Kisses


Boy I did enjoy rolling in

Boy I did enjoy rolling in that mud yesterday. I gave myself a mud bath beauty treatment. Hehe. There were so many goo things to roll in at the second park ... mud, goose poop, and who knows what else. Can you believe that for a photo contest with a theme of "Lucky Pup" Mom put in a picture of me rolling in the mud with a caption of "I'm a lucky pup Mom let me back in the car after rolling in the mud"? BOL!

Um, I'm not particularly liking the squirt bottle Mom has been using. I keep giving her my best "do you mind" look before going back to my barking. I don't know what her problem is, but I wish she would get over it.


Oh my. Glad you guys were

Oh my. Glad you guys were safe. Have you ever tried those thunder shirts? Someone had given me one to see if it would help with barking in the car. What can I say? I'm a terrible back seat driver. Hehe. Anyway, helped maybe a little with me, but last time we were in Grandma's basement with tornado warnings Dutchess was panting and pacing and Mom put the thunder shirt on her. What a difference!! She really calmed down and actually took a nap. A friend of ours here says her pups calm down during a storm if she just puts their jackets on. Personally I still want on Mom's lap. With all that rain you have been getting you might want to try your life jacket. Hehe.

Mom hosed off Dutchess' harness today. You should have seen all the mud she got off. And I thought I was bad about mud puddles. Hehe.

Mom has noticed we copy each other's behavior sometimes. For example, when I do my business in the park I always kick my back feet, but the park was the only place I used to do that. Well, when Dutchess joined the family she kicks her feet even when she uses the piddle pads. So I've decided I should, too. Mom knows there have been a few other things like that, too, but none of us can remember what right now. Anyway, do you find you copy each other as well? One other thing Mom can remember ... if one of us barks, then two or three of us are going to bark whether we know what we are barking about or not. Mom's big question ... do you know a good way to get us to stop barking quickly or better yet not to bark so much in the first place? We've got the windows open right now, and Mom doesn't want us being a nuisance to the neighbors. Dutchess especially likes to keep going once she starts. Mom is using a squirt bottle right now and that helps some, but seems like not five minutes goes by and we are barking at something else. She said we are giving her a head ache. I suggested she just join us and see how much better it makes her feel. BOL!


pippi,oh please be safe

pippi,oh please be safe there and we so know what you are going through.monday night into tuesday we got hit hard with heavy storms and san antonio had a tornado and we was under a tornado warning and two small towns south of us had tornado touch.we go over 3 inches of rain and the wind was blowning it was so scary that my brothers minot and zeus were panting so loud.


Quick note today because

Quick note today because there is a thunderstorm getting close. We have summer like weather here. We've had some days with record highs and some that have tied record highs. We've been running about 20 degrees above normal. The good thing about this is it's nice weather for getting in the water AND they haven't raised the lake levels yet. So we can find some places right now with a gentle slope into the water. In fact, through the meet up group last week we found a good spot for getting in the water and playing. So Mom, Dutchess and I headed that way today. Turns out Knox county (the next county over) is on spring break this week. So the park was busy. There was a Golden Retriever playing in the water and we joined him kind of. He was swimming way out and getting a ball his family was throwing for him. We didn't care so much about the ball, but every time he would come in closer we would run out in the water to run the rest of the way back with him. I was in the water more than Dutchess, but she had a good time running out to meet this dog, too. There were some kids playing in the water there as well and we got in trouble. Dutchess and I were on leash, but the other dog was not. He could run in and out and around the kids all he wanted. We just about tied some kids up with our leashes a couple of times. Mom was trying really hard not to, but I was going one way and Dutchess the other, and in all the excitement ... well, you know how it goes. so we moved way off to the side and didn't get to play with the other dog. One family gave us some really nasty looks, and Mom had already been apologizing. That family actually had a dog with them as well, but they wouldn't set it down. Since we upset people we didn't stay that long at that park. We'll have to try it again next week when kids are back in school. After we left there we came to a park over closer to home. It tends to be pretty empty most of the time. You see others, but not many. Water was low there so we went in again. Mom got a few photos. She got her feet wet both places, but the second one she just about lost her shoes because it was muddier. Hehe. Turns out Dutchess likes to roll in the mud. Boy was she covered!! Her harness is going to have to be washed for sure!! And we both got a bath when we got home. Not sure why I had to have one. I romped through the mud, but I didn't roll in it.

Okay. That's it for now. Thunder is getting closer and I have to get this laptop off Mom's lap so there is room for me!! Later.


hello pippi,he is feeling

hello pippi,he is feeling better and so far we havent heard of any more seizures.we have our paws and fingers crossed that he doesnt and prayer too to h elp out.hope sassy feels better as well.


Did everyone wear their

Did everyone wear their green yesterday? Mom had our St. Patrick's Day bandannas on all ready for the meet up walk at the park close to our house. We have been wanting the group to walk there for a long time and couldn't wait. Unfortunately they cancelled it because of rain, and wouldn't you know it that's when the rain stopped. Hmmph. We're hoping they will schedule another one at that park, but haven't seen anything yet.

Mom says the luck of the Irish just wasn't on her side yesterday. While we all had on our green she tried to get a group picture. Let's just say two of us ... and I'm not talking about me or Cheeky ... need to learn to sit still and know what "wait" and "stay" mean. Oh my goodness those two were so wiggly! Needless to say no great photos were obtained yesterday.

Comemere, how is daddy Beau feeling today? We sure hope he is feeling a little better. Hope Sassy continues to feel better as well. We just hate to hear of any pup feeling bad.

Well, I think we had spring during part of January and February and we have started into summer. It felt like it today anyway. I told Mom we should have gone to play in the lake again. Would have felt good. She offered to stick us in the bath tub, but that wasn't what I had in mind. And she has been squirting Dutchess and me when we bark at things outside too much. She said since we have the windows open we need to be quiet so we don't disturb the whole neighborhood. Blah, blah, blah. Then something about even though we can smell and hear the outside we still have to use our inside voices. Whatever. It was Dutchess more than me anyway. Mom is sure Dutchess is barking at leprechauns. Hehe.


H*A*P*P*Y* S*T*

H*A*P*P*Y* S*T* P*A*T*R*I*C*K*S D*A*Y*


pippi,oh thnak you for being

pippi,oh thnak you for being here for me and my daddy beau.iam the last babby he and my momma moo button had and iam really close to daddy beau.

oh i so wish you could be here there are alot of squirrels that come into my yard and birds too.

oh i just love your video and what cool friends you have and wow i would love to have gone in the water with you


Oh no, Comemere! POP! POP!

Oh no, Comemere! POP! POP! POP! for Beau! I sure hope he is doing better now. We will be keeping him in our thoughts and prayers.

I do try to chase squirrels but Mom never lets the leash out enough. I'm just sure I could catch one given the chance. I'd sure like to try anyway. Hehe.

I got to go to a meet up today. Just me. How about that?!! Mom was afraid it might rain on us and the others don't like the water the way I do. Plus it looked like this park was right by the lake - it was our first time there and it was by the water - and Mom knew I would want to go in and the others wouldn't. I had a great time. I love the water. Mom wishes she had the video camera rolling when I first got in. I just love to romp through the water. Everyone else was laughing at me. Hehe. Anyway, here is a video with a few clips from today...


pippi,it wouls be so cool if

pippi,it wouls be so cool if we lived close and go walking and playing and our moms can talk while you like chasing squirrels.oh me and ruby almost got a squirrel today darn fence was in the way.

i was wondering if you all could pray for my daddy beau he has been having sezuires and they are very scary.grandpa spotted him having problem yesterday and it lasted an hour and this morning he had a 30 minute one.he will be 13 in november.:(


Uh oh. Sending more POP

Uh oh. Sending more POP Sassy!! We need to get you feeling better. Hope the vet was able to come up with something today and you will be yourself in no time at all. Mom and Cheeky especially give you sympathy. Not that the rest of us don't. Hehe. Mom says it is so hard to watch when us fur kids don't feel well and she feels so helpless. And Cheeky has certainly had her share of days when her tummy didn't feel right and she didn't want to eat. Hope they can get that settled right down!

Vet visits here went well today and all is good. Poor Cheeky was getting nervous before they even got there. I think she knew something was up. She and Pixie got their anal glands expressed. They both seem to need that often. Ewww. Sweetpea was trying to hide under the towel and pillow that was in her carrier. Guess she was going with the idea that if they couldn't see her they wouldn't bother her. No such luck. She still got her vaccinations and examination. She was a good kitty though. Everyone was tired and ready for a nap when we got back home.

No big plans for the rest of the day here. Take it easy. Vet visits are tiring! We also have a chance of thunderstorms today. So we're just relaxing for the moment. We've had an invitation to go hang out at Grandma's for a while this evening and may do that. If we go down in her basement we don't hear the thunderstorms as much. Not expecting any tornadoes, but I'm not all that fond of the thunderstorms either. I know Mom likes them sometimes, but I often question her sanity. Hehe.

Um, we have hot weather here. Who put in an order for summer before spring? Hehe. Guess part of our winter was like spring, but we're not ready for summer yet. We were in the 80s yesterday and upper 70s today and tomorrow I think.

Comemere I think we would have a great time running around together. We wish you all lived close and could come to the meet up walks with us. Sassy that bike trailer has a handle you can attach to use it like you are pushing a stroller. Mom has said before I could pull Cheeky and Pixie in a wagon, but those two said they didn't trust me not to be wild and dump them on the first turn. Tee hee hee.


sassy,iam so glad you are

sassy,iam so glad you are feeling better.we been worried about you.oh that is so cool you got the sandals.
oh i love to run especailly with my brother we see who is faster.oh sassy i so wish you all were here so we could run and have alot of fun.

pippi,oh i so wish you and your family lived close i know we would love to chase you all and have alot of fun.oh i so hope you will find that leprechaun so can get that fence so you can run in the back yard.

Sassy Little Bit

Comemere, we've seen those

Comemere, we've seen those scandals, they re so cute. Sounds like you had a really fun time running around in the yard. We like to do that too.

Thanks for the POP guys. I'm still not feeling well, will be going to the dogtor today to see what's up. I'm not even liking the chicken and rice much. BUT I still like my Frosty Paws, I have gotten a couple of those this week. They are so small and the cold tastes good. I hope all our vet visits go very well and we are all good after they are done.

Well, Miss Pippi, it sounds like you have the perfect solution for your walks. Not sure why your mom's not getting it, hmmmm. Maybe more kisses will work and those "eyes", you know, those droopy, attention getting eyes.

Cheeky and Dutchess it does sound like you had a good time and a nice pleasant walk. Except for the heat and the water bowl and the wild child trying to touch you Cheeky. OK, maybe it wasn't the best walk, teehee. But at least you were outside getting some exercise. It is starting to get warmer out though. Dutchess, you miss a lot of what's going on when you have your nose to the ground. Denali tries to do that a lot and mom keeps telling her "head up". We need her to pay attention to what mom want's her to pay attention too, which is usually some command (whatever that is) that she is not listening to.

Oh, Pip, just one thing...who would pull the trailer? Would your mom have to ride the bike the whole time? Maybe you could pull it and the others could ride. Then you could take them where ever you wanted to go. Just wondering??:P


We were at the back of the

We were at the back of the group with our walk for a good part of it yesterday. There was an older dog (older than me) walking who likes to go slower. So we walked with them and I liked that so that I could have more time to stop and smell things longer. Mom says I spend most of the walk with my nose to the ground. You find better things that way.


Pippi trust me it was

Pippi trust me it was getting too hot yesterday. And Mom brought that one travel bowl we don't like as well. So be glad you were at home. Besides, you got a piece of rawhide and Dutchess and I didn't. Then at the end of the walk there was a wild toddler that wanted to pet me. I would have been happy to trade places with you Pip!


Oh Comemere that sounds like

Oh Comemere that sounds like a lot of fun! Did I mention I would fence in the yard so we could run around outside off leash if I found a leprechaun? I would be doing such zoomies to be able to run around outside. I would be Zippy Pippi for sure!!

Well, they did it again yesterday. Mom went to a meet up walk and DIDN'T take me. This is getting out of control. I don't see anything wrong with a schedule like Dutchess and I get to go, then Cheeky and I get to go, then Pixie and I get to go, then start over. I'm not sure why Mom doesn't see it that way. Cheeky and Dutchess got to yesterday. You know, she could get that big bike trailer that can be used as a big stroller and put the other three in there if she wants then we could all go. Just a thought. I could ride if it got too hot, otherwise I would be fine walking the whole time.


i had a fun weekend momma

i had a fun weekend momma let me and y-not and minot out to play ad we chased each other around the yard and momma was taking photos of the three of us and its funny momma called me a bully when my brothers had started it first i was just letting them know who was boss.we all had a great time playing ruby stayed inside and watched us the boys scare her
and she high tails it to the door so momma and grandpa just let her and ruby love playing together.