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Spring and Summer 2012


Welcome everyone! Since our secretary seems to be lagging lately we thought we would give her a little bit of a break and make this a seasonal blog rather than a monthly blog for a little while. I hope that is okay with everyone.

Birthday and Gotcha Day list for the year ...

1 - Patches' Birthday
1 - Pixie's Birthday
10 - Denali's Gotcha Day
28 - Dutchess' Gotcha Day

23 - Sassy's Gotcha Day
29 - Cheeky's Gotcha Day

3 - Tinkerbell's Birthday

14 - Abby's Gotcha Day
29 - Vixie Bug's Gotcha Day

12 - Tinkerbell's Gotcha Day

7 - Pixie's Gotcha Day

23 - Pippi's Birthday
31 - Dutchess' Birthday


17 - Zeus' Gotcha Day

25 - Cheeky's Birthday
28 - Comemere's Birthday
28 - Abby's Birthday

1 - Sweetpea's Birthday
8 - Denali's Birthday
10 - Pippi's Gotcha Day
15 - Zeus' Birthday
16 - Y-Not's Birthday
16 - Minot's Birthday

24 - Sassy's Birthday
25 - Y-Not's Birthday
25 - Minot's Birthday
28 - Vixie Bug's Birthday
30 - Comemere's Gotcha Day

If you know of anyone we have left off, or if there are new members who would like to be added to the list just let us know. We'd love to celebrate with you!

For help posting photos and videos please refer to for step by step instructions.

And now to get down to the chatting! Don't be shy. Pull up a chair, sit down, and chat a while. Everyone is welcome and we'd love to hear from you.


hi sassy,our surgery went

hi sassy,our surgery went well and have gotten kinda of chunky now but that is a good thing,compared to the rough start we had.oh that is so cool that you got a new place and wow it sounds so cool wish we was there hanging and playing with you and checking out the house and we would bring a house warming present

Sassy Little Bit

HI all, sure hope your

HI all, sure hope your surgeries went well and you're all grown up now. We have moved and we are loving our new digs. Lots of room to run and play and our very own rec room too. It's been a little crazy and mom is staying pretty busy. We sure do miss getting here and playing with all our friends but we'll check in every once in a while and see if anything new has happened.


we wanted to let you all

we wanted to let you all know on april 9th we will be having our big girl surgeries we will be staying over night and come home on april 10 between 10 and noon


hello miss sassy,we try to

hello miss sassy,we try to come by here from time to time as well,we had troubles with our computer back in late January so we were without a computer till valentines day.oh we sure do have a houseful of furkids and we have ball together,we sure miss everyone here and how have you been? hope you have been doing good and we so wish we could get together and have some fun.we love hanging out with pups colt loves laying next to tank.we will stop by now and agian

Sassy Little Bit

Hi,Winchester, Colt and

Hi,Winchester, Colt and Kimber. So glad to see someone stopping by. You guys have a house full of fursibs you guys sure are lucky to have such a great family. I know we don't get here much either but we sure do miss all the fun we had here and all the friends we made. Maybe someday people will start coming back or maybe we'll all get together somewhere else. We will always stop by every once in a while to say hey to who ever has stopped by.



hi everyone we are just

hi everyone we are just coming by to let you all know when out birthday is its October 3,2012 and our gotcha day is November 30,2012

Sassy Little Bit


HAPPY GOTCHA DAY Miss Dutchess, hope you got lots of kisses and treats!!!!!

Sassy Little Bit


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Patches and Miss Angelina Ballerina!!! Hope you had a big party at your house. We are a little late here but we did celebrate for you.


hi sassy,good to heaar from

hi sassy,good to heaar from you and thanks we are so glad to have it back and get back to talking with friends here.tank,ynot,minot,comemere

oh sassy,its so much fun having the kittens around and i just dont understand what is with people and dumping poor little critter who cant defend for themselves.iam just we was there and able to get them and get all better and back to being normal kittens

Sassy Little Bit

Hey all, just popped in for

Hey all, just popped in for a minute to say hey. Comemere, Tank, Y-not and Minot we are sure glad you got your computer fixed and you're back. I know we all haven't been around much but it's nice to know you're all here when we do get by.

So glad you are having fun with the kitties. They sure do sound like loveable little things. I know, that's like Kodiak, how can people leave these precious little things outside where they can get hurt. It's very sad and I'm glad there are people like us guys who will take care of them and to bad, so sad for those idiots who let them go.

Gotta run, Kisses, Kisses


hello pippi,sassy,we had a

hello pippi,sassy,we had a great birthday we are sorry we are so late.our computer screwed up on on the 16 th of december and we had our computer shipped up north texas to get fixed and its working great now.we cant believe we are now 4 years old what happen it sure came on us so fast.ynot and minot

oh pippi the kittens loved the gifts i got them i got them two light up balls when you tap it or roll it it lights and they love shasing that and i got them a bag of kitten toys.they love the ones with the bells in them.tank

oh sassy,yes three kittens and they love being around us pups and i so wish you were here they are very sweet and loving and colt she is the siamese she loves to talk and purr really loud and winchester she is a tortishell/tiger tabby she also talks but not as much as colt and kimber the all tiger tabby she is quiet but loving and she purrs and i love to hear them purr.they sure love to cuddle with us i cant believe someone dumped them out on the side of the road.comemere

Sassy Little Bit

Thank you, Pippi, I know I

Thank you, Pippi, I know I am spoiled everyday and I'm pretty sure Y-not and Minot are too. And, personally, I don't see a problem with having a birthday in November and in December, in fact maybe we should just have one every month, speaking of spoiled, teehee.

Kodiak is very cute and he's cuddly too. Tell your mom the rest of us weren't exactly sitting still and quiet. You can hear TAZ carrying one too. We were right under moms feet though and if you want to stay right under her feet you have to be sort of still. Denali is pretty good about sitting still if she is pretty close. I was running back and forth to mom and to my crate, didn't want her to miss me, teehee.

Oh, Pippi, that shirt is perfect for you (sorry, love you but......), we need a couple of those here too. My cousin, Joey (he's 20) had a shirt that said Dear Santa, Define Good. Guess we need some of those too.

We are excited about a new house and yard but it sure is taking them a long time to make up their minds. We sure hope 2013 is better than the last few years.

I got to go for a nice walk on my birthday, me and Denali, it was just up and down our street but it's kinda hilly and I had so many things to check out and lots of p-mail to check and leave. It was fun and I was pooped when we got back.

No snow here yet, but we are supposed to get a little tonight and then rain again to wash it all away.

Hey, we're sending POP for your car, teehee, sure hope it's not too bad. Your mom should have asked Santa for a new one or maybe you can just trade with your Grandma!!!

Kisses, Kisses and Happy New Year



MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!! Hope you have all been having a great Christmas and that there were lots of goodies under the tree for you.

I also wanted to wish Sassy, Y-Not and Minot a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have all been spoiled rotten. For that matter, hope you are always spoiled rotten. BOL!

I'm thinking Mom has to have something wrong on the list. She has Y-Not and Minot has having birthdays in November and December. One of those must be Gotcha Days, but I'm not sure which.

Did anyone have a white Christmas? Not here. Was kind of a gray day and I think we should be getting some rain tonight. Had some rain yesterday, too. If only it had been snow. Sigh.

Kodiak is so cute. Mom wants to know how your mom got the rest of you to sit quietly and wait. Pixie and I tend to be like Kodiak. Tee hee hee. Hmmm. Wonder if that is why someone sent a shirt my size that says "Dear Santa, Let me explain...". Hehe.

New house and bigger yard sounds very exciting. Woo-hoo! Hope your parents find the perfect house soon. We're excited for you. Sounds like 2013 is going to be a good year for your family.

Nothing much going on here either. Mom and I did a hike with the local group yesterday. I'm the only one that went because there was a chance we would get rained on and we only have one rain coat. Hehe. There were plenty of puddles to romp in, and we did get rained on a little. My rain coat kept my back warm, but in romping through everything I got the belly of the fleece shirt I had on underneath wet. Towards the end of the hike I got cold. Mom held me for a while to help warm me back up. Luckily we didn't have to hike much further to get back to the car. We were using Grandma's car and it has a good heater. So we were warm again in no time. Woo-hoo. We were using Grandma's car because our car is in the shop. Ugh. It looks like we may not get it back until after New Years. We're hoping it won't be as bad as they think, but probably will need a new transmission. Can I say UGH again?

Enough about that kind of icky stuff though. We really do hope everyone has a very Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!

Sassy Little Bit


OH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Y-not and Minot. Hope your DAY is very special.

Sassy Little Bit

Wow, Comemere, new kitties,

Wow, Comemere, new kitties, how exciting. I’ve never been around kitties. We never had one and no one we visit has any either. I bet they are very sweet though. I think I would like them. Nothing going on here. Mom and dad have been looking at houses so we can get our own again. They said they are getting a bigger yard for us, specially Denali. It sure seems to be a big job, they have gone every Saturday for a while now. They found a couple but they didn’t work out so they just keep looking.
Pippi, your Christmas card is precious and the outtakes are great. You guys are so good. My mom did not do Christmas cards this year. Time just got away from her. She said she is going to send Happy New Year cards, teehee, we’ll see how that goes.
Well, surprise, here is a video of our precious new brother, he does this every time mom is making our food. It is so cute and some of us got in there too.


Hope you all have a very treatfull,happy and safe holiday:P


I'll bet they will love

I'll bet they will love anything you picked out, Tank. I think my kitty sisters like the wrapping paper as much as anything in it. Hehe. And if it's wrapping paper with a little something wiggling underneath it, watch out!

It has been unseasonably warm here. I need some snow!! Has anyone got any? It's been too long since I have been able to play in the snow.


pippi,you had to as well iam

pippi,you had to as well iam glad iam not alone on that.they are fun to be around and i been asking them what they want for christmas since its their first as well.i peg winchester to open her on present.colt and kimber are more layed back i might help them open let me got to walmart do some christmas gifts for the family and i just hope they all will like what i helped get.


I had to be supervised with

I had to be supervised with Emma when she was a kitten. It's hard to remember they are little and can get hurt more easily. I have to admit I kind of like it when she chases me now. Hehe. I try to get her to sometimes. We play tag and it gets wild.

Does everyone have their Christmas shopping done? I have suggested Mom take us to PetSmart and let us pick out our own gifts. No luck with that so far. That may be okay though because I sure do like to open things. I'll help Pixie this year if Mom will let me. She didn't do much opening last year. Sometimes Cheeky will and sometimes not. This will be our first Christmas with Dutchess. I have her pegged as a pup who will be happy to open her own gifts, but if not I'm happy to help her, too. Hehe.


hi pippi,oh yes kittens and

hi pippi,oh yes kittens and boy its fun having them around i do get to play with them but i have be supervise with them.but when they cry iam right there for them and checking them out,i feel like their daddy.i worry about them since they are sot little.oh that is weird that you get chased by the kitty like that.someone needs to have word with the kitty maybe we can have himmy or chyna talk with her.


OMD Denali. Tee hee hee. I

OMD Denali. Tee hee hee. I do think your mom should have let you finish cleaning the plate for her. Would have saved her the trouble of throwing it away. Mom watches me like a hawk when I am in the kitchen. Grandma, not so much. She tends to leave things near the edge of the couter where I can jump up and grab something and run. That's the trick Denali. You have to snatch and run with your treasure. Don't let them catch you. Hehe.

Kittens!! I love kittens. I remember when Emma first came here. I really, really wanted to play with her, but Mom kept telling me "be gentle". She sounded like a broken records. I loved cuddling up with Emma. Now Emma chases me. BOL! Hope the kittens are doing well now and that you get to play with them.

Mom's aunt was in town for a week here. Only Cheeky got to go over and meet her. She is in a wheel chair and Mom and Grandma kept saying something about getting run over with the wheel chair. Hmmph. Turns out that is something else Cheeky barks at, along with dogs, horses and elephants. And there Cheeky was barking at the chair and Mom picked her up and handed her over!! Can you believe it?!!

Think all the company and extra projects are over for a little while and we are slowly catching up. We've missed a lot of the local walks and hikes, but luckily not all. Mom said her back feels better when she gets to go on walks more regularly. We've been getting to do more off leash hikes. LOVE those. We all do pretty well with them, just a little trouble from Dutchess now and then. Sometimes she likes to go off on her own path and Mom has to back track and look for her. She always comes saundering along with a look like "oh there you are, glad you could join me". Hehe.

Yesterday we had a photo shoot to finally take pictures for Christmas cards. Like everything else we are behind on those this year. We got some good photos and a lot of out takes. Hehe. Although Mom said we may try again today. Ugh. Anyway, you can see yesterdays ...

Tank, we got your card. Thank you. Sassy, Mom needs to send you a private message to ask for your address.


hi everyone,i wanted to let

hi everyone,i wanted to let you all know that this pass friday november 30 we found three kittens on the side of the road near a wooden area with no mom around and one is a siamese mom spotted her first and got her then we got a tortie/tiger tabby then we finally got the tiger tabby.we name them winchester she is the tortie/tiger tabby and the siamese is colt and tiger tabby is kimber.they are 8 weeks old and right now they are battling a little issue with their bathroom their momma was a mouse catcher and transmited something that start with tox and the vet gave momma two ed to give all three and a spray that helps with their bottoms so they can use the bathroom.they take the meds till they are gone and the spray till their bottoms clear up.they vet said they will be fine.they are fighters especially winchester.


denali,iam so glad that you

denali,iam so glad that you had a great birthday and got alot of treats and toys.iam sorry you got in trouble for getting momma's dinner bummer she throw it out iam with you you should have gotten it if she was going to throw it away anyway.i am with you food shouldnt be wasted oh i so wish iwas there to help with the food.

sassy,thanks we did have a nice birthday-comemere
well our book is slowly coming along and we are addingtanks adventures in it as well.


Well, let me tell you I did

Well, let me tell you I did have a great birthday and got lots of treats and a new stuffed doggie toy to carry around.

I know, Pip, I’m outside, I should be able to use my outside voice. Mom says I’m never allowed to use my outside voice. My inside voice is perfectly good enough for everyone to hear all the time.

So about the turkey thing, uummm, welllllll, ummmm….it was mom’s fault. Last night she was fixing left overs that Aunt Bobbi sent home with them. She was just putting it all on the plates and warming it in the microwave. She did dad’s and was heating it up. Hers was sitting on the counter. We all ate our dinner and went outside. Taz and I came back in first….oh my gosh, it was just too tempting. I had to work/stretch a little, but I could reach it and mom was busy and dad was watching the football game, sooooooooo. Well anyway, I had mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing and turkey, just a little of each, dum da dum, then mom came in and first she screamed and then she got pretty mad and threw the rest of her dinner in the trash. Can you believe that, if she wasn’t going to eat it why did she get so mad at me, and then to throw it away, I mean really, I could have finished it for her, geeeeeezz. When she screamed, and said a couple bad words, daddy came in the kitchen and suggested I go relax in my room for a while so I could make it to my 6th birthday. Mom wasn’t talking to me for a pretty long time. I think she’s still a little mad at me. She mentioned, while she was making dinner tonight, that I might want to go play with daddy and not be in the kitchen.
Anyway, it was very good, and mom had a pretzel dog with cheese for dinner and I heard her tell dad it was very good too.
There was a comment made earlier tonight about more training and exercise. I’m not sure why she was looking at me when she was saying that.
Gotta go, love you all

Sassy Little Bit

Let's see..we did get a

Let's see..we did get a little bite of turkey. One of us got a little bit more,but I'll let her tell you about that. I will tell you she did make it to 5 years old but almost didn’t make it much further, just sayin!!!
Pippi, we miss you, but we haven’t been much better getting here and I’m not sure if it will get much better with mom getting another job too. But we will get here every chance we get.
Pip, sorry you guys didn’t get to go AND didn’t get any leftovers either, AND didn’t get to see the cousins. Wow, I bet your mom is in big trouble. I’m thinking I would be saying talk to the tail for at least a couple hours, teehee.
Kodiak is just precious, but he doesn’t let anyone push him around either. I don’t think he knows how little he is. You should hear him fussing at mom cause she doesn’t get our breakfast and dinner ready fast enough. He is so serious and mom just giggles, he bounces when he barks too. Just to cute… me. Oh, yes, I made sure to let him know I am the princess, but I give him lots of kisses too.
I like your idea Pip, treats for everyone all month long. We have lots of birthday’s this month too so we need to get started now. Loved the birthday song and it was not too loud!!

Comemere you sure do have a cute family. How’s the book coming, hope you’re putting Tank’s adventures in there too.

Mom says I gotta go now. We too are very thankful for our friends here. You guys are the bestest friends ever.
Kisses, Kisses, Kisses


pippi,it sure was alot of

pippi,it sure was alot of fun and i hope to go back and have more fun was nice to have lunch at arby's love the roast beef.comemere got mad at me cause she never gotten to go to arby's and roast beef.she saw the cup mom had for her soda.i gave her outfit and she calmed down and i told her if i go back and we stop there again i would bring her some back.oh i loved it at petsmart and getting to pick out my items and everyone petted me and said how handsome i was.

comemere,zeus and ynotand minot all say thank you for the birthday wishes.


Boy we have been bad!

Boy we have been bad! Hopefully after a couple more weeks we can get back to more of a normal schedule. I'm so sorry we have been MIA.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Did anyone get any turkey? We didn't get ANYTHING! Mom ate over at Grandma's house and we didn't get to go. Hmmph! AND I found out our human cousins are here and we didn't get to see them. I feel so cheated. Hope you all made out better than we did. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am so thankful we have made such good friends here online.

Let's see if I can catch up some. Kodiak is such a cutie. How is he fitting in with the family? Have you made sure he understands you are a princess, Sassy? Hehe. I'll bet he (and the rest of you) made it an easy transition. So excited for you all!

Congratulations on your dad's new job, Sassy. Hope he has been enjoying that. We're doing a happy dance here, especially for that more treats bit. Tee hee hee.

Denali ... ask your mom why you have to use your inside voice when you are outside? Hehe. I'd better explain that comment since I am catching up on a month worth of stuff. Apparently you scared some deer out of your yard using your outside voice and your mom said you would do better using your inside voice.

Tank, sounds like your trip to San Antonio was great. The bit about going to Arbys sounded like the best part to me. Although picking out toys at PetSmart sounded pretty good, too. Heck, the whole day sounded good. Love to get out and go.

I think we missed a bunch of birthdays. Um, you may want to cover your ears, but here goes ...

Happy Bithday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Commere, Abby, Denali, Zeus, Y-Not and Minot!
Happy Birthday to you!

Mom just said something about inside voices. Hehe. Guess my singing was a little loud. Hope you all had wonderful birthdays. Since we missed out on all of those I think we should have extra treats for the whole month of December to make up for it. What do you think?

Okay, gotta run. I'm afraid it may be a couple of weeks before we make it back, but we really hope to do better after that. Hope everyone is doing well!

minot and y-not

hello sassy,thank you for

hello sassy,thank you for the birthday wishes we cant believe we are 4 years old and zeus is 9 years old.we had a great time we all got warm outfits and cookiesthat are handmade just for pups.

sassy that is great news to hear about daddy and his new job and that he loves his job and glad mom can work from home and be with you all

Sassy Little Bit

Happy Gotcha Day, Pippi,

Happy Gotcha Day, Pippi, hope you had a great day and got lots of extra treats.
Happy Birthday Zeus, Minot and Y’not. I bet you guys had a great celebration. We celebrated for everyone. Mom made us sweet potato chips. They sure were good.
My dad likes his new job and has some neat new stuff he gets to learn too. It is great having him home in the evenings. My mom is starting another part time job after Thanksgiving. Only a few hours a week and she can do it from home, so that’s good and more treats for me, umm, I mean us, teehee.
Hope you guys have a great holiday!!!







Hey you guys, this is so

Hey you guys, this is so exciting.....I made it to 5 years old. Can you believe it, teehee. I sure did push mom to the edge more than a few times...and still do. But we were told I would calm down at 5 years old. We'll see, I'm going to try to be good all the time.

Hope you guys are staying warm.

Pippi, Cheeky, Dutches and Angelina Pixie please stop by.

Hugs and kisses