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About Us - People

By drewschmaltz
Created 11/17/2007 - 8:44pm

Who We Are

The Credit Roll

Petentials, Inc. is an Orlando-based company helmed by sociologist/filmmaker, Darren McDaniel, and his merry-banded co-directors: Kia and Michael Misowitz.

Petentials has blossomed from the contributions and inspirations of a wide array of superheroes and warmhearts.

Lead programmer/administrator Will Ferrell and Drupal maestro Mike Anello bring the magic from idea to operation. Crusaders John Learned and Erik Baldwin support the administrative and development causes. Architect Ryan Price blends web and community development roles to help polish the show and pack the house.

Petentials' partnership with Abamis IT Solutions brings with it the outstanding IT support of Warren Macchi and Anthony Barresi.

Sabre Smith and her feline companion, Neary, bravely lead our community outreach team.

Petentials is based on the all-powerful Drupal content management system platform, and we are all indebted to the Drupal development community for its open-source excellence.

On the design end, we've been graced by the artistry of Triesta Hall, Darren McDaniel, Ryan Price, Drew Schmaltz, Raincity Studios, Andrew Haller, Jamie Miller, Jacob Rathman, and Michael Miller.

Other key contributors along our web development path include Caleb Gilbert, Joon Park, Raincity Studios, Andrew Haller, Jason Blank, Jamie Miller, and Drew Schmaltz.

The company bows to the early contributions of co-founder Jaime Byrne; media and production maven, Joanna Tubb; and marketing sage, Jay Jackson.

We offer platitudes and gratitude to a mighty advisory board, the University of Central Florida's Incubator Program, the Orlando Business Development Center, SCORE, the UCF Venture Lab, VentureQuest, and Invention2Venture.

Finally, we pay homage to the many animals who have inspired the site and warmed our paths along life's journey.

Have any questions? Check our FAQs [0] page or Contact Us [1].

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