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Dog → Miniature Schnauzer

Orlando, FL
Last Login: 7 years agoMember Since: December, 2007
"Gay Schnauzer Seeks Female for Possible Fling"
Age: 5[human years]
Gender: Male
Looking For: a no-strings romance
Available For: Breeding
Living With: Couple
My Claim to Fame: The coolest dog you'll ever meet. I'm a dog but I kick up dust like a cat covering its poo.
Nicknames: Nazi Face Scnauzenheimer, Puppy Face, Gay Boy, Dingles
Astrological Sign: Pisces: Feb. 19 - March 20
Got Papers? Certified Purebred and Proud
Spayed/Neutered: Nope.
I'm Looking for Someone... Surprise me!
I Prefer a Connection... Only of the Same Species and Breed
Weight: 25-49 lbs
Body Size: Fit and Trim
Appearance: Sleek
Coloring: Black, White, Gray
Markings: All That and More
Afflictions and Maladies: If hot sex is an affliction, I'm sick as a dog

My Favorite...